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Citrine peace bracelet for men
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Citrine peace bracelet for men

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Citrine is a crystal with bright energy that brings good fortune and good luck. It is called the “success stone” as it is said to promote and manifest abundance in all areas of life especially in business. Citrine is a happy stone as it brings happiness, self-confidence and positive energy to the person who carries or wears it. It relieves depression, self-doubt, anger and irrational mood swings.

This Good Vibe Gem Citrine Bracelet is made of
- 6 mm Citrine
- metal alloy peace sign charm accent
- 8" in circumference size. If you need a different size please leave a note to seller of your desired size.
- includes gift box packaging and message card

The Good Vibe Gem Bracelet comes in a brown craft box with a Citrine message card. It also comes wrapped in a satin ribbon and a gift tag so it is perfect gift for you or someone who needs some positive energy in their life! 

Gemstone will have variety in color. No two gemstone will be alike.

Bracelet may also be worn by women! Please request for change in size if 8" is not suitable.


Before purchasing, kindly review our FAQ for production and shipping details.

Incense smoke: Burn some incense and pass the stone several times through the smoke.

Breath: Exhale sharply over the crystal and imagine imbalances being blown away. Repeat several times.

All stones you wear or carry should be cleansed regularly to remove imbalances that you have picked up from you and your environment.

Wearing or carrying lots of different stones at the same time can be counter-productive, tiring and confusing. Alternate the stones you wear from day to day. Take a rest from wearing or carrying them. This will help prevent you from becoming dependent on their influences and will give you a better appreciation of their healing powers.

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