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Our Story

Soul Sparks is a gift company which aims to ignite spirits through positive messages. Promoting a lifestyle of optimism and mindfulness, we provide you with jewellery, accessories and gifts that inspires and empowers. Our designs are simple, beautiful, and meaningful works of love with the main intention to send positive vibes into this world. 

Our tiny shop started in 2010, selling our design in local bazaars and fairs, it was only in November 2012 that we decided to go online and sell our handmade items on Etsy and eventually our own website. To date we've sold over 10000+ items from various sales channels and though this might seem small, we would like to think of it as inspiring thousands of other individuals we've never even met! We are very happy about that. 

Soul sparks started in the belief that we can change the world by starting with one person whose soul was sparked. We hope that through our creations, the person wearing or receiving a Soul Sparks gift will shine brightly, ignite others and set the world ablaze. Imagine a world where people start and share their own sparks. The world will definitely be a brighter place, don't you think?

We hope you can join us as we change the world, one soul, one spark, at a time!